Music Designed for Business

Add value to your business & customer relationships.

Musix is a technology solution that delivers a music experience for multi-location businesses at an affordable price.

Let Music Sweeten the way to your Business Goals.

Let music provide a delightful experience for your guests while converting them to customers.

Musix is ​​an intelligent system of high quality music programming that offers an incredible sound and automation experience, offering the following benefits:

Clean Lyrics - Music with not explicit content

High quality music - That provides an amazing listening experience

Schedule music - By time of the day or day of the week

Music mixing - Select stations to determine what is being played where

Fresh music - Songs may be updated as often as desired

Music in memory - Allows to keep playing music even when network connectivity is lost or slow. Better than streaming.

Licensed music - From major music services.

No hardware to buy - Can be integrated with existing audio distribution infrastructure through standard audio connectivity.